Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Closed Audition

an hour before my audition
It was time, the day of my closed audition and I had had only 3 days to prepare....There was no vigorous workouts or overload of was all of me or none of me. I had to choose a two piece set of lingerie or a bathing suit and I decided to go with a black silky bra and red and black booty shorts...with red high heels ofcourse. My hair was naturally all over the place like it usually is and my make up was minimal. I didn't want to try too hard because I didn't want to be choosen for trying to be someone else. My best friend who I spoke about in my previous post drove and the second I got into the car my nerves were gone. Getting naked was never a concern for me but it was my lack of experience behind a professional camera that gave me a serious case of butterflies. When I got to the city and into the studio, I was met by a producer and photographer who have now, after working with them multiple times, have become two of my most favorite people on this earth.

Long story short, I had the most amazing time of my life. It is difficult to describe the level of fun and enjoyment one can get from being a model. I wasn't too concerned after the shoot about how I did, just having that experience to always look back on was just as exciting to me as getting choosen....and well, 2 weeks later, I recieved the amazing news that I was going to get to do it all over again...

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